Kaci L. Holguin, Esq.

With more than 20 years of experience, Access Law Group's Founding Attorney, Kaci L. Holguin, is a savvy litigator and certified mediator.  Kaci graduated cum laude from Loyola University Chicago in 1997, and spent her early career sharpening her skills as a commercial litigator at some of the country's top law firms.  Always a dedicated pro bono provider and fervent believer in equal Access to quality representation, Kaci founded her own firm in 2010 in order to follow her passion for domestic violence and family law, and provide affordable, effective services to a broader range of clients.  Access has allowed Kaci to help clients at all levels of need and sophistication with the issues that matter to them the most.

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Access Law Group top Family Law, Domestic Violence, and Immigration professionals provide an unparalleled level of experience and expertise.  We bring a diverse background to the table, allowing us to be your advocates on a broad range of legal issues.  Our decades of experience at the nation's top firms and schools, as well as with social service and public interest providers make us uniquely qualified to tackle your toughest issues.  Our personal dedication provides you with compassionate and efficient counsel while you deal with the difficult process before you.


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Kaci L. Holguin, Esq.
(Roll Call Presentation, Roselle Police Department )
Domestic Violence & Family Law